Canada B2B sales lead affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and earn a 50% commission on sales of business to business sales leads.

How it works

When you are accepted to our affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate code. Using this code, you can link to our website from your website, newsletter, etc. Any order placed using your affiliate code will earn you a generous commission.

Your customers can place an order directly on our website, or you can order on their behalf. Either way, the 50% referral fee is yours to do with as you see fit! You can pass on the savings to your customers, or keep it yourself - the choice is yours!

Joining our affiliate program is 100% free, and there are no minimum order commitments.

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Frank McNought, Halifax

This was my first time buying a list. As a small business owner, I need to make every marketing dollar count. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

John Reizen, Calgary

Quality, targeted leads for my inside sales team. I've paid a lot more, and received a lot less, from other B2B sellers.

Why we're different

We offer an unlimited license. Once you have paid for and downloaded your list, there are no restrictions on its use: