List pricing - all lists updated October 2021

All lists are available as an instant download in industry-standard CSV format, which can be opened using Microsoft Excel.

With the exception of the 20M email list and 400k email list (which contain ONLY email addresses), all Canada lists contain the following fields: Company Name, Mailing Address, Mailing City, Mailing Province, Mailing Postal, Physical Address, Physical City, Physical Province, Physical Postal, Average earning, Longitude, Latitude, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Email, Website, Google Pagerank, Primary Contact Name, Primary Contact Title, Primary Contact Phone, Primary Contact Email, Other Contacts, Profile, Year Founded, Industry, NAICS Primary, NAICS Secondary, SIC Primary, SIC Secondary, Business Activity, Number of Employees, Sales Volume, and Products Services.

The UK list consists of Business Name, Address, City, County, Post Code, Email, Phone, Website, and Industry.

The Australia list has Business Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, Email, Phone, Website, Industry, Latitude, and Longitude.

Canada Special Sales Leads, only $189.00

Contains 1,018,008 records including 88,512 emails!
Purchase now for $189.00

USA Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 2M records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $149.00

20 Million Emails Sales Leads, only $199.00

Contains 20 million records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $199.00

88k Canadian Emails Sales Leads, only $79.00

Contains 88,492 records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $79.00

400k Emails Sales Leads, only $69.00

Contains 400,000 records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $69.00

Canada Fax List Sales Leads, only $69.00

Contains 440,695 records including 63,566 emails!
Purchase now for $69.00

Ontario Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 288,038 records including 33,500 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

British Columbia Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 174,318 records including 13,624 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

Alberta Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 118,427 records including 10,572 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

Quebec Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 279,545 records including 19,972 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

Toronto Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 89,132 records including 11,940 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Vancouver Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 80,834 records including 7,379 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Montreal Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 66,876 records including 5,736 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Calgary Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 39,001 records including 4,944 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Manitoba Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 43,060 records including 2,364 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Saskatchewan Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 41,255 records including 1,863 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Nova Scotia Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 32,740 records including 2,854 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

New Brunswick Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 26,716 records including 2,096 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Edmonton Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 32,207 records including 2,905 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Winnipeg Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 24,001 records including 1,739 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Victoria Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 13,436 records including 1,026 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Real Estate Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 27,240 records including 1,438 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Insurance Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 15,793 records including 1,134 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Restaurant Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 30,602 records including 307 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Physician Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 25,447 records including 527 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Dentist Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 12,833 records including 169 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Lawyer Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 14,709 records including 1,468 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Accountant Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 10,096 records including 598 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Hospitality Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 15,208 records including 1,034 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Retail Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 163,125 records including 4,131 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

Ottawa Sales Leads, only $49.00

Contains 9,492 records including 1,721 emails!
Purchase now for $49.00

Ontario/Quebec Combo Sales Leads, only $149.00

Contains 567,583 records including 53,472 emails!
Purchase now for $149.00

United Kingdom Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 100k records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $99.00

Australia Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 50k records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $99.00

Manager Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 85,170 records including 7,214 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Owner Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 270,213 records including 10,751 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

President Sales Leads, only $99.00

Contains 35,144 records including 16,946 emails!
Purchase now for $99.00

Residential Sales Leads, only $79.00

Contains 1.7M records, all records have email addresses!
Purchase now for $79.00

Custom list pricing

We offer the following rates when building your B2B list:

Number of leads Price per lead
0 to 999 14 cents per lead
1,000 to 4,999 12 cents per lead
5,000 to 10,000 10 cents per lead
Over 10,000 8 cents per lead

For many of our customers, building a custom B2B list pays for itself based on a single sale.

We have a minimum order of ten dollars. We also offer the following value-added fields:

Secondary contacts
For an additional 2 cents per lead, we will include secondary business contacts for your targeted businesses (where applicable). This is useful for building brand recognition, as well as influencing decision-makers from multiple fronts.

Google PageRank
For an additional 1 cent per lead, we will include the Google PageRank for your targeted businesses' websites (where applicable). PageRank is a valuable measure of a company's online presence. Some of our customers, particularly web design and search engine optimization providers, target companies with low PageRank with products and services to increase this ranking.

For an additional 1 cent per lead, we will include longitude and latitude information for the companies in your list. Increasingly, customer relationship management (CRM) tools feature geotagging. This is useful for assigning sales territories and planning customer visits.

Go ahead, build your list. You can preview it and there's no obligation to buy.


Frank McNought, Halifax

This was my first time buying a list. As a small business owner, I need to make every marketing dollar count. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

John Reizen, Calgary

Quality, targeted leads for my inside sales team. I've paid a lot more, and received a lot less, from other B2B sellers.

Why we're different

We offer an unlimited license. Once you have paid for and downloaded your list, there are no restrictions on its use: